"300 years" is just three weeks away for the city of San Antonio.

The city's tricentennial celebration is set to kick off on New Year's Eve, but as the city gets closer to celebrating its rich past and present, the future of the tricentennial commission will be in a few new hands.

"I'm asking Cynthia Matson from Texas A&M San Antonio, as well as the long-time head of the Northside Independent School District, John Folks, who will be coming up into the board," Mayor Ron Nirenberg said.

Co-chairs Robert Thrailkill and Katie Luber are stepping down and transitioning to new roles as special advisors to the commission's executive director, Carlos Contreras.

"It's been very clear there's been some turbulence and some gaps in the process during the tricentennial," Mayor Nirenberg said. "A little bit of restructuring, we're going to be able to strengthen the board with regards to the contractual and financial oversight roles that they had."

The news comes only a month after Edward Benavides, the committee's former CEO, also stepped down. The changes, however, aren't expected to impact the celebration.

"The financial goal for the whole tricentennial year, which is the entirety of 2018, we're on track," Mayor Nirenberg, said. "So things are now moving in great momentum with the tricentennial, so we're thrilled to get it under way."'

Despite the two co-chairs taking on new roles and the mayor's nominations for replacements, nothing is final until City Council approves.