They say it's not about the destination, but rather the journey; for a few Travis Park United Methodist Church clergy members, that couldn't be truer. 

"With hope and a prayer that our church would move forward in a truly inclusive way," Billie Watts, Travis Park clergy member said in a prayer at Crockett Park Sunday afternoon. 

"I had too many pastor friends denied ordination due to their sexual orientation and the church has lost out on its gifts and graces," Watts told KENS 5.

Next weekend United Methodist Church will host a special general conference in St. Louis to vote on how all UMC churches across the country will handle gay marriage and if they'll ordain LGBT people as clergy.

Travis Park clergy members marched along North Main street Sunday afternoon with signs supporting the inclusion of all into the United Methodist Church. 

"It just touched my heart," Rick Gonzalez, a bar employee said. "I just get excited. You know we're all a unit, all in one." 

That's how Travis Park hopes UMC sees it. They hope the vote will be in favor of gay marriage and welcoming LGBT clergy. 

But not all Methodist churches in town are so proactive. Coker UMC told KENS 5 earlier this week they're leaving the decision up to God. 

"We're asking our church to pray every day for our denomination and for our leaders who will be making these decisions," Adam Knight the senior pastor at Coker UMC said.

In the meantime Travis Park clergy members said they'll continue to spread the word on a historic decision that could rock every single Methodist church in this country. 

"All of us will come to a crossroads where we're have to say, do we stay and keep hoping? Or do we move on and live it out as we would be called to live?" Watts added. 

The UMC general conference will take place February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri.