SAN ANTONIO — January is the month to plant fruit trees in San Antonio. Gardeners interested in starting a home orchard can learn the basics at a free workshop on Saturday. The local nursery hosting the event shared which kinds of fruits thrive in our climate.

Mary Broemer, an employee at Milberger’s Nursery is happy to share her knowledge of fruit trees with anyone who asks.

She loves to share pictures of peaches and pears grown in her own front yard.

"Last year I had my banner year,” said Broemer. “I got over 800 peaches of nice size."

She's been adding to her yard for 11 years. Each season has produced a new lesson. Broemer finds out what works for her plants and what does not.

Along with trial and error, Broemer credits her success to information distributed by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Bexar County Extension Agent David Rodriguez will lead the fruit orchard seminar at Milberger’s on Saturday morning.

FREE Adult Seminar with Bexar County Extension Agent, David Rodriguez. David will discuss the how and why of establishing your own home fruit orchard. David will discuss the types and varieties of fruit, nuts, grapes and berries suited for South Texas. You will learn how to plant and care for yo ...

Broemer hopes the event gives gardeners the confidence to start their own orchards.

"Really, the biggest benefit is that you'll learn how to get started, how to prune, how to fertilize, what the sun you need,” said Broemer. “You get all these factors at the beginning, so you don't learn the hard way like I've done."

The event includes advice on selecting varieties of fruit, nuts, grapes and berries. The staff will also be able to answer questions about spacing, insect concerns and guide gardeners through best watering practices.

Broemer’s top pick is the peach tree. She expects trees planted this month to produce peaches in three to four years.

While patience is necessary, she says there's nothing as sweet as the taste of your hard work.

"Just to have the joy of picking your own fruit, said Broemer. “That's so much fun."

The fruit orchard seminar partnering with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service starts at 10 a.m. Saturday January 12th.

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Gardeners in Kerrville can take advantage of a program at the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library Saturday morning. Kim Courtright, a Master Gardener with the Hill Country Master Gardeners program, will lecture on the timing for planting, what to plant and how much, and the different containers and beds you can use for your personal garden.