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Thieves steal more than $2,000 cash from Boerne man's vehicle that was intended to help friend buy new car

Ed Trevino hopes sharing his story connects with others so they don't make the same mistake by losing thousands of dollars in mere minutes.

SAN ANTONIO — One man’s act of kindness hit a brief roadblock after someone broke into his car Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Leon Springs H-E-B.

“A dear friend of mine is also my coworker and he wrecked his vehicle last week and I’m trying to help him get a new vehicle,” said Ed Trevino, a Boerne-based property manager.

Trevino’s kind gesture began when he withdrew more than $2,500 at the Bank of America off De Zavala road.

He then made a quick grocery run at the Leon Springs H-E-B. Minutes later around 4:30 p.m., Trevino came outside to a surprising scene.

“The window was broken in. As you can see, everything is disheveled in there. The glove department’s open, the middle console has been gone through, there’s glass everywhere,” Trevino said.

The envelope of cash intended for his friend’s new ride was also gone.

“I was pretty confused. You don’t think that’s going to happen to you in 12 minutes. I’ve come to this H-E-B for years and years. I always feel safe,” Trevino said.

San Antonio police say it’s possible Trevino was being watched and followed during his journey from the bank to the H-E-B in what’s called bank jugging.

“When you’re leaving the bank, look around, be careful. The police say it’s pretty serious and happening quite a lot,” Trevino said.

Another lesson learned: don’t leave cash in the car. It’s a bizarre experience Trevino hopes resonates with the community.

“A little bit of a cash and a vehicle can all be fixed and replaced. I just want to spread the word a little bit, hoping it doesn’t happen to someone else,” Trevino said.

While police investigate the car break-in, Trevino’s looking forward to seeing the smile on his friend’s face when he rolls up in a new car.

“Still going to help my friend. We’re going to go get that vehicle today," Trevino said. 

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