CIBOLO, Texas — The school bell won’t ring for a few more weeks, but high school athletes are already back in the swing of things. Volleyball players say the sport offers an athletic outlet and meaningful memories.

“Volleyball is an amazing sport. It’s very athletic. You have to really get into shape, and it’s just all about teamwork honestly,” said Alamo Heights High School senior Grey Simpson. “I just think it’s one of the best sports out there. We work really hard, so show some love for volleyball.”

Focus and determination are obvious on the teens’ faces as they play. A passion to perform can be seen in the power behind each serve.

“I enjoy the team, and how it’s a team sport,” said Steele High School freshman Maselina Tuufuli. “We all have a bond, and we’re starting to get closer and closer so it’s really good.”

Lifelong friendships and key high school memories are being made on the court and in the stands.

“Everybody supports everybody,” said Steele volleyball coach Jordan Madill. “The whole football team was basically in the stands tonight supporting us and my girls will be in the stands for them on Friday nights, when they can, they’ll be begging me to go there too. So the kids here are real supportive of each other.”

With several months of fierce match-ups ahead, the champs are taking no shortcuts in practice.

“This group is awesome. I’ve got five seniors that are amazing leaders, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls right now,” said Madill. “They are so competitive at practice. I tell them every day 'iron sharpens iron,' and that’s what we’re doing on a daily basis.”