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Former Texas Sen. Wendy Davis frustrated over Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Nearly a decade after her 13-hour filibuster, the reality of Roe v. Wade is no more and soon abortion will be banned in Texas.

TEXAS, USA — It was 9 years ago to the day former state Sen. Wendy Davis lead a 13-hour-long filibuster to block a Senate bill restricting abortion access in Texas.

Nearly a decade later, the reality of Roe v. Wade is no more, and soon, abortion will be banned in Texas.

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“I think about our daughters and our granddaughters — the fact that they’re going to grow up in a world with fewer rights than we had,” Davis said.

Davis, who delayed a 20-week abortion ban in 2013 with a 13-hour state Senate filibuster and shot to political stardom, is now reacting to a reality she says she knew was on the way for decades.

“Republicans have for years and years voted with this issue in mind. They have worked very hard to put people in place in state legislatures who will pass draconian anti-abortion laws. They worked very hard to elect presidents and senators who will put on the Supreme Court anti-abortion activists,” she said.

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Davis said the ruling rolling back abortion rights will have a profound effect on healthcare and the economy.

“It will be a public health crisis and it’s also going to be an economic one,” Davis said. “So many women have relied on contraceptive care and the ability to access abortion care to be able to plan when and whether we have children and what that has meant for us is we’re able to determine our own destiny.”

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She said for people upset with the ruling, there’s something you can do.

“The only action that will really make a difference is to vote,” Davis said.

The former Texas gubernatorial and congressional candidate added abortion isn’t the only thing on the line. She said contraception, IVF, gay marriage and the criminalization of all of those are at risk.

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