White nationalist Richard Spencer's controversial appearance at Texas A&M University stirred up divisions among hundreds of students and visitors on campus.

"Whether it's nice to say that or not, America belongs to white men," Spencer said.

Statements like that caused the crowd to spill out of their seats more than once. Spencer calls for a white ethno-state or white America and advocates for "peaceful ethnic cleansing."

Inside the auditorium, protesters held signs and stood silently against Spencer's ideology. Just down the hall, protesters tried to storm into the Student Union. Riot police on hand to keep things under control.

Spencer was cheered, too. Some in the crowd identify with his thoughts, but even those that disagree with Spencer's white supremacist beliefs defended his right to spew them.

"He has every right to be here, and we have every right to speak up too," one student said. "But we do not need to fight."

It was 90 minutes of heated exchanges. Students on the way out were torn about what they just heard.

"He didn't answer any questions," one student said. "Then he just made fun of anyone asking him anything."