When Texans are hurting, we pull together. You can help the families who were devastated when tornadoes tore through East Texas.

Donate now through May 7 by completing the information below. Every dollar collected will go directly to The Salvation Army to assist the tornado and storm victims.

Donations are tax deductible.

How the money to The Salvation Army will be used:

• All money (100%) earmarked for East Texas Tornado Relief will be used for that specific disaster.

• The funds will be used to cover immediate relief expenses including delivering meals, hydration and snacks, etc., to first responders and disaster victims, as well as household cleanup kits for those affected.

• The first priority with funds raised will be to cover relief expenses. Once expenses are covered, any additional money can be used to meet the long-term needs of victims. This is done through having caseworkers interview people to determine their needs. Then, we pay contractors directly to perform work to help restore people's losses.

• $35 helps provide one household cleanup kit.

• $500 helps keep a disaster food truck operational for a day.

• One Salvation Army disaster food truck can serve up to 1,500 meals a day.

ONLINE DONATION - Through May 7, 2017: