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Cotulla ISD warning parents to be watchful of kids as law enforcement chases have increased

"There are eight to ten car chases each day -- big increase over the past."
Credit: Cotulla ISD Facebook

COTULLA, Texas — Cotulla Independent School District posted a notice on its Facebook page to be watchful of children playing outside as areas in the county have experienced, "A great increase in law enforcement chases and bailouts."

The notice is addressed to parents, guardians of children in the district. They say supervising children at the school as gone well, "However, it is not possible to be too careful these days."

They are urging people to keep a close eye on kids as they play outside, walk home from school or generally leave the house. 

According to LaSalle County Sheriff Anthony Zertuche, "There are eight to ten car chases each day -- big increase over the past. These chases sometimes in end bailouts inside the city limits. The Sheriff's Office has been on top of these and are apprehending all of those trying to flee after bailing out."

The notice says the Sheriff's Office has increased their patrols within the community and around the schools to help ensure the safety of the students and community.

In an effort to prevent car chases from entering the city limits, authorities are "blocking exit ramps and performing quick apprehensions."

To see the full notice, click here.

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