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TEXAS OUTDOORS: Even if you don't golf, it's fun at TOPGOLF!

It doesn't matter if you've ever swung a golf club, you can take your friends or family to TOPGOLF and have a blast!

SAN ANTONIO — It's like those giants nets have been calling me for more than 5 years, but every time I looked at them I simply didn't have enough time. Now I will make sure I find some time to take my family to TOPGOLF.

It is far more fun than I thought it would be. When it first opened in 2015, I thought it was more of a novelty driving range. I have been missing out on a ton of fun. 

"We take the intimidation out of golf" says General Manager Bill Hicks. Mike Ray, the PGA Pro on site says "Most people who walk through the doors are not even golfers." But once they walk through those doors, that may change! 

There are a variety of different games you can play with a club and golf ball which have very little resemblance to golf. You can play "Angry Birds", just like the video game. You can play a points based game called "TopGolf", or for the avid golfer, you can virtually play a number of world famous courses.

It's like a driving range on steroids, if that's what you want. TOPGOLF will definitely help the true golfer sharpen his or her game, or it can be a place to just have a great time with family and friends... and learn a new skill.

Either way, if you're like me and have always driven by thinking "I'm going to stop in there to see what it's all about", I highly recommend it. If you are interested in checking out there website, click on this link