SAN ANTONIO — Local dancers are ready to wow San Antonio with one of the most beloved fairy tales. The Children's Ballet of San Antonio is performing 'Cinderella' on Thursday and Friday. The performances are bittersweet for some of the senior dancers.

From rags to riches, washing dishes to marrying a prince, the story of Cinderella starts with sweat and tears and ends in with sparkle and shine. 

Stunning, skilled dancers with the Children's Ballet of San Antonio tell the story of Cinderella.

Three different ballerinas will step into glass pointe shoes during the production. Mackenzie Kirsch, 15, was cast as Cinderella the bride.

"This is the costume for the wedding Cinderella,” said Kirsch wearing a white tutu dotted with shiny gemstones. “It's something that really sparkles on stage."

The teen’s ballet journey has been in-step with the plot line of Cinderella. Kirsch has put in a lot of work since she first started lessons at age 7.

"We dance normally six days a week, sometimes seven depending on how many rehearsals are needed," said Kirsch.

She’s also been a fairy godmother to young ballerinas.

"She makes time to work with the young dancers, help inspire, help assist the class," said Vanessa Bessler, Kirsch’s instructor at The Dance Center of San Antonio and founder of the Children’s Ballet of San Antonio.

Join the talented cast of the Children's Ballet of San Antonio in our magical production of Cinderella! Cast members bring to life the enchantment of this classic story, complete with a wicked step-mother, clumsy step-sisters, a fairy-god mother, and of course a handsome prince!

Inez Dunne, 6, looks up to Kirsch and the other teen dancers who are attracting offers from professional troupes.

"I'm a mini butterfly and I'm a pumpkin,” said Dunne who will dance with Kirsch in Cinderella.

Kirsch’s moment of triumph arrived with a scholarship to dance with the Dutch National Ballet Academy. She’ll train in Amsterdam for a full year.

"For a lot of people ballet is just that thing you do as a little kid but it's different for me,” said Kirsch. “I just knew that it was what I wanted to do."

She earned the honor through dedication and determination.

Before the clock strikes midnight on Friday, this Cinderella will give her final bow to the dance company and the city that launched her career.

"It's my dream and I'm very thankful," said Kirsch.

The ballet performances Thursday and Friday will be held at the Tobin Center.

Curtains go up at 7 p.m. each night. Tickets start at $25.

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