Taco Cabana is now offering select breakfast tacos all day starting January 2, 2018.

Previously, the restaurant offered its breakfast during certain morning hours. The restaurant says it will now offer select breakfast tacos any time of the day and evening.

The Bean & Cheese Taco will be offered for $1.19, the Bacon, Egg and Cheese and Chorizo, Egg and Cheese Tacos for $1.69 as well the Steak, Egg & Cheese Taco for $2.89.

“For some time, our guests have asked us to serve select breakfast items outside of the

traditional breakfast timeframe,” said Chuck Locke, Taco Cabana President. “The world

we live in today is changing so rapidly … breakfast is no longer 6 am to 11 am. Many of

our guests start their workdays later and later and we're happy and proud to now offer

a selection of our great-tasting Breakfast Tacos all day long. Breakfast Tacos aren't just

for breakfast. They're now available any time a guest wants to order one or two – or a