SAN ANTONIO — A man who reportedly held a restaurant employee at gunpoint before aiming his gun at a San Antonio police officer, prompting the officer to fire at him has been identified as Jervaughn Walker.

The 19-year-old Walker faces one charge of Aggravated Robbery and two charges of Aggravated Kidnapping.

jervaughn walker

The incident took place on Saturday at 11:50 p.m. at the Subway on 9600 Potranco Road.

A person driving by the Subway noticed a man with a mask at the counter and called 911.

As police arrived to the scene, the suspect noticed the officers approaching and quickly grabbed one of the employees, holding them at gunpoint.

The other employee managed to escape and was not injured. Police began to negotiate with the suspect.

The suspect moved away from the hostage and pointed his gun toward the officers, police said.

Police fired shots, grazing the suspect in the foot. The suspect grabbed the employee again and went behind the counter, police said.

After negotiating a second time, the suspect released the hostage and turned himself over to police. 

He was taken to University Hospital in stable condition and is expected to face multiple felony charges. No other injuries were reported.