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Survey: Majority would turn down a promotion to work from home

Many said they would even take a pay cut to avoid going into the office.

SAN ANTONIO — Would you turn down a promotion if it meant you could keep working from home? In the latest survey of thousands, the majority said yes!

In the survey conducted by Ivanti, seven out of 10 workers said instead of climbing the ladder, they'd stay on the ground so they could work from the comfort of their home. 

Spencer O'Leary, the CEO of ActiveOps told us, "I think it is a big number, but not surprising, I think there's a lot of employees who have gotten used to working from home and the flexibility that that gives them over these last two years."   

Out of the 4,510 office workers from several countries, 40 percent said remote work saved them money, 43 percent enjoyed a more flexible schedule, 43 percent said they had a better work-life balance and 48 percent said their big benefit was time-saving with less commuting. 

O'Leary added, "That lifestyle work-life balance is proving more important than the money itself. I've seen articles and research, just like people are even prepared to take a pay cut if it means they can continue to work from home."   

The survey found 24 percent would quit if they had to return to the office full time. And 24 percent left their jobs in the past year. 

The survey also said 28 percent plan to change jobs in the next six months while 51 percent reported no negative impacts of working from home.

One of those negative impacts could be much less creativity. 

O'Leary said, "Most of the ideas we generate as humans, right when we come together and we meet face to face and we collaborate to do things like this in teams is useful." 

O'Leary says it is useful, but face to face offers more creativity. 

We conducted a Twitter poll and found 37 percent said yes, they would turn down a promotion to keep working from home,  while 15 percent said no, and about half of voters said it would depend on the promotion. 

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