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Stumped on where to exercise? Here are three highly rated parks in San Antonio

With the temperatures warming up, it's time to get outside! But where should you go? Natassia Henry has you covered. ☀️

SAN ANTONIO — Now that it's getting warmer outside, you may be looking for ideas for places to go get your daily dose of sunshine.

So we got to stepping, literally, and visited three highly-rated San Antonio parks --- all with something special. 

The first park on the list was Crown Ridge Canyon Park --- a tucked away park located off Luskey Boulevard. This park has no shortage of views or ground to get your steps in. 

The trail is away from a busy street and more secluded, so it was the quietest of the three trails visited --- which is important to note if you planned to come disconnected from your device and music. You'll mostly hear the sound of your steps and the birds chirping. 

The trail had a lot of greenery and information about things like the plants and other facts, as well as the wild life that calls this part of town home. The city of San Antonio says this trail is 1.3 miles long. 

With over 300 reviews on Google, this trail had 4.5 Stars and gets the Nat stamp of approval!  

Now let's see some water! 

Woodlawn Lake Park is more than just a trail to walk or run on. You can fish, picnic or just enjoy the water in the land locked city of San Antonio.

This beachy feeling park located off Cincinnati Avenue is equipped with the appropriate palm trees and a trail that's 1.48 Miles long. Woodlawn lake actually has a more than 100-year-old history and was originally created by the influence of a dream of a real estate developer, the city says.  

The city also said visitors were known to travel by streetcar in what was called the 'finest artificial lake of the south.'

The trail stretches around the lake and has sitting areas for those just wanting to watch the waves. 

But, do you know what this park reminds me of? A north west side jewel.  

Denman Estate Park actually sits on an old estate right behind KENS 5. Covered in a canopy of tree branches with a small fairytale like pond smack dab in the middle, Denman offers more than just your typical run with a trail of half-a-mile.

You can interact with the animals and learn about the cool Korean monument that was hand crafted by artisans from our sister city in Korea. 

There are picnic tables, a labyrinth and a retreat center that's used by University of the Incarnate Word. But with a view like this, you almost forget that you're not dreaming.

With nearly 1,500 Google reviews and four stars, this hidden gem is a must see!

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