SAN ANTONIO — Spend a few minutes inside Sunset Brown's home and you'll quickly learn family means everything to her and her mother, Elizabeth.

"Oh definitely," Sunset said as she stared at a photo of her mother. 

It's family that brought Elizabeth to San Antonio this past week. The California native was visiting her daughter and grandchildren when she managed to wind up in the ER. 

"She had an upper respiratory infection, two ear infections in both ears," Sunset said. "She was pretty much going through, it it was bad." 

It was bad enough to have to pay the pharmacy a visit at 1:00 a.m. on Christmas morning to pick up more than a handful of medications the ER prescribed. 

"It was about $200, a little more than that," Sunset said. "She tried to pay for her medication, but her bank pretty much stopped her card." 

Elizabeth's card repeatedly got declined until Bshr Sardini stepped in. 

"I see her leave and then come back, and then the same thing happens again," he recalled over the phone to KENS 5 on Sunday.  

The 26-year-old watched Elizabeth walk in and out of the store that morning as she tried to get in touch with her bank.

"Right away I'm like, 'okay, if she comes back a third time and there's an issue, I'm just going to help her,'" Sardini said.  

He kept his word and paid for the hundreds of dollars of medications. "I was glad I was able to help a beautiful family like that," he said 

The small gesture meant the world to this family and it was very reason Sunset shared the moment on Facebook. "My mom truly has a guardian angel here in San Antonio," Sunset wrote in the post. 

It was a way to remind everyone this holiday season that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. "One hundred times over, I'd do it again," Sardini said. 


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