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Still vaccine hesitant? Here's how to continue having the conversation with family and friends

If the person is still reluctant to get vaccinated after the first conversation, you may want to change your approach. But, don't stop having the conversation.

SAN ANTONIO — Only about 59% of people are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. As we move closer to the potential of a booster shot approval, the question remains about how to have the conversation family and friends who may still be hesitant about getting vaccinated.

“What are the factors that are keeping people from not jumping on board with the vaccination,” Dr. Luz Garcini, assistant professor at the center for research to advance community health at UT Health San Antonio said.

Dr. Garcini has been researching the barriers that lead to vaccine hesitancy.

“There’s a lot of confusion which is making people hesitant or cautious about considering vaccination,” Dr. Garcini said.

She says the first place people should start, is to listen why they are hesitant.

“We want to tell people what to do without asking people what they need so they can make informed decisions,” Dr. Garcini said.

If a person is still reluctant after that initial conversation, Dr. Garcini says you may want to try and change your approach.

“There are some people that are going to choose not to vaccinate. If that is the case we need to pick our battles. The conversation may need to steer towards how you can continue to use preventative measures that can keep you and your loved ones safe,” Dr. Garcini said.

Ultimately, the doctor says patience is key. She says continue to be supportive while offering help, resources and information.

“I think we should use the phrase no one left behind. I think it’s worth it to keep trying,” Dr. Garcini said.

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