FLORESVILLE, Texas - A local Special Olympics coach has lost much of her livelihood in a fire, but she's not letting it stop her service to the community.

"If there's anything in there I could salvage I cant go get it," Coach Sherri Mell, said. "The fire inspector still needs to do a report. It's gut wrenching."

Her home went up in flames on Friday and was then flooded by heavy rains on Monday. The cause of the fire and how much is lost is still unknown, but she said it's the small things the fire took from her that are priceless.

"In that home, there's probably about 500 belt buckles and about 100 trophies that I earned," Mell said. "They're all up in smoke."

Mell is a world champion cow girl with more than 200 world titles, but barely has anything to show for it now.

Since the fire, she has been living out of a small horse trailer. What's lucky, she said, is that her farm, ROPER Facility, was spared.

It's a therapeutic horse-riding center only steps away from her home that also trains Special Olympics athletes.

"Most of my courage is coming from God," Mell said.

She also said seeing her students push forward, even in this hard time, keeps her going.

If you want to help Sherri get back on her feet, you can do so through this gofundme page.