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Should you put your vaccination status on your resume?

The short answer is no, but there are reasons why

SAN ANTONIO — For certain types of traveling, or to enter some public places, you now have to show your vaccination status. But when it comes to looking for a job, should you put it on a resume? 

A lot of comes down to legality. If you are vaccinated you may think you have a leg up, but in the end revealing your status could land yourself and many other people in court in the future. Casey Hasten, he Director of Recruiting with VIP told us, "We really don't know where this is going to play out in the courts when it comes to HIPA violations and whether or not companies may later be sued for discrimination, for not hiring you because of your vaccine choice."  

Hasten compares it to asking a woman if she is pregnant during the application process. Hasten added, "You ask me if I'm pregnant and I don't get that job, I now have a basis for a lawsuit of discrimination that you didn't hire me because I was pregnant. And that's a protected class."

Bankrate's August jobseeker survey done by YouGov from July 28th through July 30th. They asked 2,452 working adults in the U.S. if they were planning to look for a new job in the next 12 months. 55 percent said yes, which would equate to about 88 million people In the U.S. this could apply to. 

One of those women who is currently looking for a job in the health care industry told us she can't get the COVID vaccine for medical reasons and and on Facebook wrote, "I've already been shot down by all health care jobs bc I cant take the regular flu shot either, and I'd love to go back into health care." Hasten responded, "I think that if a company is putting that on their application as a part of even getting considered for employment, and they don't give you an alternative, for example the flu shot, is this the right place for me?" 

Hasten says business owners and managers should also think about customers and clients and their levels of comfort. She told us, "If that person who's unvaccinated is the best person to serve that client, let's make sure it's OK with the client. I mean, there are ways around this so that we don't just completely ostracize one side from the other."  

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