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Louisville boy's death by suicide sparks change at JCPS and beyond

Three years after the death of Seven Bridges, his mother and JCPS officials shed light on the events that led to a 10-year-old taking his own life.

Heather Fountaine (WHAS 11), Courtney Hayden

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Published: 2:23 PM CST January 19, 2022
Updated: 3:04 PM CST February 1, 2022

January 19, 2019. A day Tami Charles will never forget. 

On a snow-covered Saturday morning, Charles went to the grocery store and returned to find that her 10-year-old son, Seven Bridges, had taken his own life.

"As I stood up, I looked over my shoulder and I saw the back of my son hanging from a noose that he had made from his belt," she said. "Until that day, the word suicide had never been said in our home."

How did this happen? How did a young child full of love and laughter get to the point where he felt that suicide was his only option? 

His mother believes bullying is to blame.

Three years after his death, FOCUS investigator Heather Fountaine spoke to Charles again and pressed the school district to get those answers.

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