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Service dogs rescued from local shelters now trained to help veterans

"They just get us. They don't judge us. They are just there. That's what it is all about."

SAN ANTONIO — New home with their warriors. Service dogs rescued from local shelters now trained to help veterans. This is all part of K9s For Warriors. It was the first time in Texas two warrior classes graduated with their new service dogs by their sides. The ceremony was years in the making. 

John Bond is a veteran who has been out of the military for more than a decade. He has been waiting for his four-legged side-kick. 

"This is my buddy, Odie," Bond said. He's my new battle buddy."

Since day one, these two hit it off.

"They just get us," he said. They don't judge us. They are just there, that's what it is all about."

These canines are the extra eyes and ears, always watching out for their partners.

"It has him sit at my six as we call in the military," Bond said. And watch my back while I am doing what I need to do. For me, that is the biggest comfort when I am out in public."

The dogs are highly trained to help veterans who have PTSD, traumatic brain injury or suffered other military trauma.  Rob Gunsel said ceremony Thursday has been a long time coming for San Antonio.  

"Lot of tears, lot of happy tears," he said. A lot of gratitude .A lot of proud feelings. A lot of people in San Antonio have been waiting for this moment for this night."

It is a moment marking the beginning on their new leash on life.

"It becomes a lot easier when you got these guys," Bond said.

The dogs are given a second chance at life with this program. It can take up to eight months for them to get trained. 

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