SCHERTZ-- Crooks trying to steal packages off the porch in one Schertz neighborhood will want to think twice.

Instead of gifts.. something else is hidden inside.

At least half a dozen people in the Belmont Park Subdivision neighborhood have had boxes stolen from their front door.

A few days ago one suspect was caught red-handed, and the homeowner who caught him took his picture.

"I saw a shadow. I saw a person bend down and I could see the shadow of the package and I went to the front door and I said, 'what are you doing?'," Rosa Faubush said.

It happened a few days ago. She intentionally put a box out to see if anyone would take it but it's what she put inside the box that really counts.

"We filled a package full of dog poo and put it out there. Went to run an errand was gone maybe an hour and the package was gone," said Faubush.

So, she did it again the next day. But this time she only put trash inside the box. That's when she caught a man in front of her door.

"The car took off without him and so he ran into the retention pond," Faubush said.

Faubush said she plotted the whole thing because several of her neighbors have been victims. They've been sharing their stories on their community Facebook page.

"Anybody who's potentially a criminal in this subdivision...this is a tight knit community and we know what's going on."

Faubush's son was home during the time.

"I was excited because nothing normally happens around here," said her son Hayden.

They both said they're glad the suspects have been caught. Schertz PD said charges will be filed.