SAN ANTONIO -- The San Antonio Police Department is looking for an armed robber who police said targeted a local funeral home.

The suspect reportedly got away with a company car.

Brookehill Funeral Home on the south side was a busy place on Sunday.

It was in between services when a man was seen on surveillance video.

The video shows him questioning employees inside, going to the side of the building, pulling a knife on another employee and demanding a company car.

“These vehicles are used to go out to people’s homes. Sometimes they just don't want to come to a funeral home, and I don't blame them. They’d rather make arrangements in the comfort of their own home, and that’s what these vehicles are for,” said chairman and CEO Dick Tips.

With the company logo on it and GPS tracking, it did not take long for police to find the car on the west side.

However, police said there is still no sign of the suspect.

“What happened was he pulled a knife, and you can't wield a knife on someone who I love. That's not going to happen. I don't mind losing a car, but I'm not going to lose a life,” said Tips.

“[The suspect] was armed with a knife. They did make a demand, so I would imagine that’s pretty dangerous if someone were to come across him,” said SAPD sergeant Jesse Salame.

Tips said his employee is a little shaken up, but doing OK.

While there’s already a Crime Stoppers reward being offered, Tips said he’s offering an additional thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest.

“It upsets me. It upsets me a lot, and I want this person caught,” said Tips.