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SAPD detectives investigating cold-case murder of 7-year-old girl

San Antonio police are reopening a 24-year-old murder case. It was June, 1988 when, according to police, a man, angered by a malfunctioning laundromat soda machine, turned his focus on a little girl and her mother.

San Antonio police are reopening a 24-year-old murder case.

On June 6, 1988, 7-year-old Jennifer Delgado was helping her mother wash clothes at a west-side laundromat.

The mother told police a man walked in to buy a soda, but when the machine didn't release his drink, the man became angry, pulled out a knife and attacked the young girl and her mother.

Jennifer was stabbed in the stomach, while her mother suffered from an injured shoulder.

The little girl ran across the street and collapsed in front of the home where she lived with her parents. Her father ran outside and called for help.

By the time police arrived, the attacker was long gone.

Both Jennifer and her mother were rushed to the hospital. The little girl did not survive, however her mother's injuries proved to be non-life threatening.

Those with information on the case are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 210-224-STOP.