SAN ANTONIO — One local restaurant is making sure those letters kids are writing to Santa make it to the North Pole, and get a response from the jolly old elf himself.

Gino's Deli is known for steak, sandwiches, and now for Santa?

Aleem Chaudhry, the owner of Gino's Deli told us, "The idea came from my wife. I bought this little PO Box from Sam's." His wife Peige added, "I was like take it to the store and let the kids who come in write letters to Santa." Aleem said, "So I brought it to the deli and it just took off."

Since November 25th about 150 kids have been coming to Gino's, which is all decked out for the holidays, to make sure Old Saint Nick knows what they want for Christmas. Peige said, "I love the fact that I'm seeing kids who know how to text, write an actual letter." Aleem added, "It makes me really happy and when I watch the kids getting excited, dropping the letter, and I saw the parents having that smile, as they did that at one time or another when they were kids."

They have a letter writing station at Gino's. Kids can pick crayons or even colored pens, whatever they want to use to write their letters to Santa.

Letters from kids asked for the usual stuff like gift cards, Nom Noms, and a panda onesie. But for Aleem one altruistic letter really stood out. He told us, "He said Santa, I don't need any gifts. Take my gifts to someone else who is in need. That was really sweet."

And every letter, no matter what the young boy or girl asks for, those at Gino's make sure every child gets a personal response directly from the North Pole. Aleem said, "I think he has so many letters to write so he needs a little bit of help."

Since the Santa express mailbox has been so successful Aleem let us know, "My wife came up with another idea. Why don't you leave the box out there all year long?" Peige added, "That little mailbox is going to be a nice friendly reminder to stay on the nice list instead of being on the naughty list, so there you go!"

If that's the case they're going to need many more stamps.