SAN ANTONIO — Move over Bob the Builder. This week, we’re celebrating women in construction.

The week of March 3-9 was designated by The National Association of Women in Construction to honor the industry achievements of female laborers.

A San Antonio native is thriving in her role as a project engineer for a multi-billion dollar construction company.

“This is the Jackson Middle School renovation,” said Nadine Mireles. “Behind me, you can see there's a two-story addition that we have, along with an energy plant and storage.”

The Skanska logo on her hard hat and coordinating ID badge establish that the energetic woman showing off the construction site is a project engineer.

“My job is to support my team and my construction guys,” said Mireles. “I deal with problem-solving. I deal with costs.”

The 22-year-old is making noise as a leader in the construction industry.

“I love waking up and coming to my job,” said Mireles.

For high school, Mireles attended Northside ISD’s Construction Careers Academy. She believes the education gave her an edge when it came to landing her dream job at Skanska.

Back in high school and now at Skanska, Mireles has seen other women in the construction world also find their stride.

“I think women in construction are just popping up because this is an awesome industry to be in,” said Mireles. “It's a challenging environment to be in. I think a lot of us like to take on something that's a challenge.”

Working with her hands, juggling indoor and outdoor tasks, and constantly seeing project progress are all parts of the job that keep her hooked.

“The whole reason I got into construction is I love to be of service to people,” said Mireles. “So knowing that what I'm doing is benefiting, impacting the community, is the greatest feeling and the greatest thing I could imagine doing with my life.”

Mireles is determined to help local teens find their own success in the industry. She’s in the process of setting up a scholarship for a student at the Construction Careers Academy. She hopes the gesture will inspire the next wave of graduates to go for their goals.

“If I can do it, you can definitely do it,” said Mireles.