SAN ANTONIO - Thousands of people use the city's hike and bike trail system every single day because it is a terrific place to play.

But on rainy days, the trail system is even more important because it saves lives.

Many sections of the trail have been closed for days because of high water, but that is okay.

The entire trail system, which now covers more than 65 miles and surrounds our city like an emerald necklace, was designed and built to withstand these storms. During high water events, storm water flows through the city quickly and efficiently because these natural channels are well maintained and kept free from obstructions.

It is a way to save lives and property that works.

Former Mayor Howard W. Peak dreamed this up. His vision was to help people be safe during floods and have fun during dry times and San Antonians have embraced his plan.

Since 2000, voters have said yes to a 1/8 cent sales tax initiative four times, funding a system that provides a free, fun, place to get fit in virtually every segment of the city.

The trails connect people to their parks in a big way, with more than 1,400 acres of green space along the way.

Here is a link to the entire trail system.

There's a reach near you, but you might want to wait a few days before heading out!