SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio is ranked as one of the top tattoo cities in the nation for 2016 according to Groupon.

The company that offers discounted deals on businesses and services based its list on how many tattoo deals were bought on its website. It ranked San Antonio in second place.

KENS 5 stopped by Twisted Tattoo on McCarty road to find out why San Antonio loves its ink.

Owner James Delgado and his wife Denise have owned their business for more than a decade and are both tattoo artists. Delgado said he believes the city was ranked high because of the military.

He said about half of his clients serve the country.

Rita Vasquez, a customer at Twisted Tattoo said she believes the city was ranked high because San Antonians are unique and tattoos are a significant part of expressing themselves. Vasquez who has more than a dozen tattoos said each one has a deep meaning, especially the recent one she got done.

"It really just states: The bravest thing I could have done was continue my life when I wanted to die,” said Vasquez. “And you know, as bad as it sounds, there have been many times, I'm a mother of 3 but it doesn't matter, my depression gets to me and I want to look down on it and tell myself, this is why you got to be here."

"It makes us stand out. It makes us different. It makes everyone say, man look! That symbolizes something about them," she said.

Here's Groupon's list for the top tattoo cities in 2016:

1. Baltimore

2. San Antonio

3. Las Vegas

4. Jacksonville

5. Seattle

6. Milwaukee

7. Albuquerque

8. Minneapolis/St. Paul

9. Denver

10. Pittsburgh