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San Antonio pushes for pedestrian safety with new position

A new "pedestrian mobility officer" for the city of San Antonio would work on initiatives to improve sidewalks and make pedestrian travel safer.

The City of San Antonio could be adding a "Pedestrian Mobility Officer" to oversee sidewalk improvements and safety for walkers, bicyclists, scooters and people using any other mode of transportation that doesn't involve a car, truck or motorcycle.

District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino said the work has been a long time coming.

"One of the major asks, year after year for decades, has been sidewalks," District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino said. "As part of that, the pedestrian mobility officer- PMO -will help us address that. But outside of that, it’s everything outside cars."

Trevino said he hopes this year's budget proposal, which sets aside money for a salary and money for benefits to fund the PMO position, will pass, allowing the PMO to be hired and begin work.

"How much sidewalks cost and how quickly we can solve that issue, the Pedestrian Mobility Officer would help us lay all that out," Trevino said.

Trevino said the PMO would likely work on a master plan for pedestrian issues. Trevino said the influx of scooters into San Antonio has also revealed many needs.

"It’s really exposing our infrastructure needs and requirements, so the Pedestrian Mobility Officer is going to help us with that," Trevino said.

Commuters said they're open to the idea if it makes for a safer, collaborative environment.

"Everyone’s got to work together, right?" Sal Martinez said. "This is good because it’s actually progressing the city. I don’t see a downside, as long as everyone works together."

The city's Transportation and Capital Improvements released this statement on the initiative:

“The proposed Pedestrian Mobility Officer will focus on improving the walkability across the city. This position will help with ongoing efforts of completing our sidewalk network and providing other accessibility improvements.”