Lawmakers head to the Capitol Monday night to begin the debate on immigration reform. President Trump has already rolled out his four-point plan.

Among those points are restricting the visa lottery and spending millions to build a border wall.

U.S. Senators are gearing up for another round of immigration debate. Here in San Antonio, that means more calls for immigration attorney Lance Curtright.

"They estimate there's 12 million people living in the U.S. undocumented, many of those are in San Antonio and Texas,” Curtright said.

Senators will begin rolling out proposals they'd like to see become law Monday. It takes 60 votes for a proposal to be considered part of the bill. President Trump's four pillar plan is expected to serve as a starting point for debate.

"It seems like the simplest fix is to just let DACA happen. Trump wants it, everyone wants it. It's obvious and we should've done it a long time ago,” Curtright said.

Curtright believes there's two sticking points that could be difficult to reach an agreement.

"Eliminating family based migration, which has been a hallmark of the US since our inception and another concern is detaining and deporting individuals,” said Curtright.

As immigration reform begins, more families grow concerned. This attorney says they can take action.

“Get informed, be knowledgeable about the truth,” Curtright said.

Curtright warns many people will try and come up with scams to get money from immigrants and this is a time to stay informed on what's going on -- and even consider finding an attorney if you're concerned about your status.