Dozens of members with Occupy ICE SATX were told to leave their camp located on Crosspoint Street early Tuesday morning.

The group has been camped outside of San Antonio's ICE offices for three weeks now.

San Antonio Police say they received a call about a fire and two officers told protesters they had until 1:30 p.m. to leave the area or face arrest.

Antonio Dias, a member of Occupy ICE SATX, said he has been at the camp for seven days. He said the group still stands by their mission and will figure out what they will do next.

"We were ordered to evict on a false charge that there was a fire here. There was no fire," Dias said. "What ICE has been doing to our people, which is separating our families, incarcerating them, criminalizing them, and we want it closed down because all of this is for some security measure for some made up threat. Our people are not a threat."

San Antonio Police Department released a statement to KENS 5 Tuesday afternoon:

Officers were called to 3523 Crosspoint at 10:30 a.m. on August 7, 2018 for a Fire. Officers arrived and asked protesters to vacate the property. However, after contacting the property owner, the owner was okay with the protesters staying on the property as long as they were peaceful and didn’t damage any property. No fire was located and officers did not remove any protesters from the location.