SAN ANTONIO — 8 month old King Jay Davila is still missing right now. Monday night, San Antonio police said the baby was never actually kidnapped.

Here's what we know right now: the woman seen in the surveillance video is in police custody. She's the cousin of baby King's father. That woman supposedly stole a car with the baby inside it from a west side gas station Friday night.

Monday, police said the child was never inside that car. And the car wasn't actually stolen.

The entire event was a staged kidnapping to cover up something sinister, police said.

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The baby's father, Christopher Davila, has been charged with child endangerment. Police still don't know where the child is.

The police chief said they're looking everywhere tonight for baby King. But the officers aren't the only ones out searching.

This story hits close to home for two mothers who were out Monday night searching for more than an hour. Both strangers are coming together for one reason: to find baby King and bring him home safe and sound.

Destiny Flores is doing her part to help out. This mother hasn't slept because a baby in her community is missing.

"We don't need to sit around and comment on Facebook,” she said. “We need to get out here and get our feet on the ground, and really just start looking."

After work, Flores opted to use her time to search the trail area of Levi Strauss Park.

It is less than a mile away from where crews spent much of Sunday and Monday searching for baby King. Flores has a nine-month old of her own.

“Same size everything. I could not imagine going through that myself,” she said.

Mother of four Michelle Gonzales has been following the case, and said she too had to do something. "It is just something really heart-breaking and I wouldn't want any mother to have to go through this," she said. "I don't know what my reaction would be. I don't know what I would do."

Investigators are combing through several tips and leads asking the public to speak up if you know anything about the disappearance of baby King.