SAN ANTONIO — UPDATE: Belen Elizondo and her sons have been found safe. SAPD thanks the public for their help. 

No further information has been shared at this time. 

Family and friends said a woman who tried and failed to get a protective order is now missing.

Pamela Allen said her longtime friend, 50-year old Belen Elizondo, disappeared without a trace Sunday evening.

"She's a mom who has been homeless for about four months. She does not have the money or the funding to travel anywhere. She doesn't have the ability to run," Allen said.

Also missing are the woman's two special needs boys. "The biggest concern is that there are two young boys that function maybe as a five-year-old and a four-year-old," Allen said. "They are 16 and 10, they have autism, they also have epilepsy, they are moderately functioning and now this."

Allen said Elizondo came to visit her on Saturday, telling a terrifying story of domestic violence.  

Elizondo apparently told her friend she had no food for her children, no gas for her car and little money, so she was at a loss about how to escape to safety.

Allen said she has been on edge ever since.

"I've got an ugly feeling about this and I've got a knot in my stomach," Allen said.

Allen said Elizondo went to the northeast San Antonio Police Department substation Friday to get a protective order because of an escalating domestic violence situation, but time ran out and the paperwork was not fully processed.  The order was not issued or served on the man who had been giving Elizondo problems, according to Allen.

Sunday, Allen said, the drama moved to a motel on Perrin Beitel where Elizondo had taken refuge. Allen said the man showed up and demanded attention.

Allen said "He was very persistent trying to get in and that's when she called the police. She had even texted me and said, 'Please call the police right now! He's here! He's here!' and she thought he was going to be arrested. The officer said 'No we can't arrest him, we don't have anything in our system that says there's a protective order, nor has he been served.'"

belen elizondo
Courtesy / SAPD
moises elizondo
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Salvador Elizondo
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Allen said she made arrangements for her friend to get into a shelter and they talked about a fresh start.

"She was going to take her belongings to her storage and just take a little bit of clothes and go and start over. I told her, 'You know, I know this is something horrible, but God can use this horrible situation and turn it into something good.  And you will definitely get some services and counseling and the help you need.'" Allen said.

Allen said Elizondo and the boys never made it to the shelter. Now, Allen said, the woman's phone is dead and the trail is cold.

Missing SA mom and son
Pam Allen

Still, Allen said she hopes to hear from her friend.  "We want her to be safe. We want her to start again. We want her to contact someone. Let her daughters know if she is okay. They love her and want to hear from her," Allen said.

On Tuesday night, police released images of the family vehicle they said is also missing. It’s a black GMC Yukon Denali. The license plate number is FHT8426. According to public records, it's a 2007 model of the vehicle.

2007 Denali
Elizondo family

The missing person's unit can be reached online. The direct phone line to the division is 210-207-7660.


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