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'I was screaming at the top of my lungs': Man chases woman with a club on the north side

"The crime headline suddenly became very real."

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio woman said a man with a club was about to attack her at her home. 

The frightening encounter unfolded Thursday morning on the north side. It was also all caught on a Ring camera.

Pamela Lutrell is still shaken up. She spoke with KENS 5 and shared the video as a warning for others.

"The crime headline suddenly became very real," she said.

Lutrell, who is also a grandmother, was walking her dog after sunrise Thursday when she noticed a man. She said she didn't think anything of it, because there are usually workers from different businesses in the neighborhood. However, she said the man eventually was across the street from her home. It is located in the Canyon Oaks Estates.

"I asked him if he needed help," she said. "And he indicated no."

She said after his 'no' response, she proceeded to walk to her front door. But, she said she realized the man was coming at her.

"Next thing I knew this man was charging at me with a club and coming into our house," she said. He was running up with a club held up and I started screaming, and screaming for my husband."

She said the man came into her home, but quickly took off. In the video, you can see Lutrell and her husband go after to try and find him.

"He didn't grab me," she said. He didn't hit me. He was going to, but I was screaming at the top of my lungs."

Lutrell is thankful her husband was home.

"I am still a little rattled," she said. But, I am alive. Praise God. I am alive."

She wanted to share her story as a lesson to be learned and as a warning to others.

"This isn't isolated to just one part of town, or downtown," she said. This is everywhere. And we need to be keeping our eyes open."

She said San Antonio Police tried to look for the man with no luck. SAPD confirmed with KENS 5 that officers responded to the home for an assault in progress which then became criminal trespassing. Lutrell said she will be even more vigilant and hopes others will do the same.


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