Go downtown late at night and you won't find empty streets, you'll find Pokemon Go players searching for rare Pokemon and walking so their eggs can hatch in between Pokestops.

It's not just downtown, but in parks all over San Antonio and prominent businesses.

Those daily scenes across the Alamo City confirm what a Redfin study found: San Antonio is the most Pokemon-Go obsessed city in the country.

The study used Google searches for Pokemon terms per capita in cities across America and San Antonio ranked No. 1 in their findings.

Among the most-searched terms, Blastoise and Bulbasaur.

I can speak from personal experience that Bulbasaurs will occasionally spawn at Denman Estate Park right next to KENS 5 headquarters.

For everything you need to know about Pokemon Go, including a map of all the Pokestops, gyms, and rare spawnings in the Alamo City, click here.