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San Antonio missing teen found, relatives say

Her mother, Cara and her sister, Rece, said it was a difficult few days.

SAN ANTONIO — The 14-year-old, Hope Ogle, who went missing Monday morning has been found, relatives say.

Her mother, Cara and her sister, Rece, said it was a difficult few days.

"Hope is an outgoing, loving, kind, fiercely loyal girl," Cara said.

Rece said one of the things she admires about her sister is her boldness. 

"She's just so her, and she's just unapologetic for it," Rece said.

"That day was surreal, of course, because you're living out one of your worst nightmares as a parent," Cara said.

The morning of Hope's disappearance, she left a note for her family telling them she would be going away and not to worry. However, by 8 p.m., Hope still hadn't returned. Cara called police.

"It's just it's so many emotions and so many things all at one time," Cara said.

Prior to her disappearance, Hope had gotten into trouble with her mother, and was going to be grounded--typical teenage things.

"No blow up, no crazy argument," Cara said.

Now, cara is trying to keep hope as she continues to worry about her daughter.

A west side neighborhood is the last place that Hope’s cellphone was pinged to, but her family says they’re not sure why that would be. The ping happened at around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday to a home near Brandy Ridge and Hardesty, but as far as Cara knows, Hope had never been in this area before.

Police told the Ogle family the address didn't turn up any new leads.

Credit: Cara Ogle

"We've driven around just trying to just... I don't know, grasping at straws, just anything," Cara said.

They continue to pass out fliers, and have reached out to Hope’s friends with no luck. Cara asks that anyone who knows anything about her daughter's disappearance to report it. She worries that Hope may be in danger.

"The longer that she's gone, the more my, my, my fears go," Cara said.

After six days, they just wanted Hope to come home.

"So that we can heal [and] be together as a family," Cara said.

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