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San Antonio drivers feeling effects of rising gas prices

According to Gas Buddy, San Antonio gas is cheaper than a lot of places, but that doesn't mean drivers won't feel this price increase.

Drivers buying 50 gallons a month could be spending $30 more this year. That's an increase of 60 cents a gallon.

"Prices have gone up as the price of oil has gone up, about $25 a barrel more expensive than it was last year,” explained analyst Dan McTeague.

For drivers, this means making hard choices.

"When the gas prices go up, it affects the decisions you make with your budget,” Michael Diamond said.

"It's about $60 added to my budget every month,” said Ashley Garza.

Many drivers say they'll just have to pay the price, because not getting where they need to go isn't an option.

"It will affect my runs back and forth from the store, maybe walk a little bit more, but it will come into play,” Diamond said.

One silver lining in all this - some drivers may opt for more stay-cations, helping the local economy.

"I don't think it surprises me. I’ve watched gas go up and down for years. For our family, it's a good thing. We have a lot of people working in the oil and gas business,” explained Nanette White.

You can monitor local gas prices using the Gas Buddy app.

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