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'I feel like I'm a bigger person': Children celebrate U.S. citizenship at SA's Doseum

Fifteen children from eight countries came together to celebrate their U.S. citizenship at San Antonio's Doseum.

SAN ANTONIO — Fifteen children from around the globe came together Saturday morning to celebrate their U.S. citizenship with family at San Antonio's Doseum. Now U.S. Citizens, the families had immigrated from Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, Cameroon, Nepal, The Philippines, Tailand, and the U.K. 

The children had already gained citizenship via their parents but the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services also hold children's ceremonies to celebrate children coming to the country. 

"Parents, you should be proud of yourselves. By working hard to become citizens yourselves you have given the gift of citizenship to your children. (to children) Never forget your parents, and the struggles they went through so that you could have every opportunity that this country has to offer," Brigid Oman, with the SA Immigration Services Office, said.  

Great Day SA Host Clarke Finney also spoke at the event as Master of Ceremonies and gathered the kids together before they received their Certificates of Citizenship. 

"Today is a very important chapter in your story. It's the day that you officially decided to call the United States your home," Finney said. "You're culture experiences, interests, and creativity are what San Antonio needs to be the best city in the entire world. Without you the city would not be as beautiful. It wouldn't be as vibrant." 

Eleven-year-old Ibrahim Mohammed told KENS 5 he had been waiting for the ceremony for a year. 

"I feel like I'm a bigger person," Mohammed said. "I was so excited for today to be an American so I can live a happy life here."  

Mohammed said he enjoyed meeting other children to find out where they are from and ask about their traditions. 

After the ceremony, the Children got to send the day at San Antonio's DoSeum, and interactive children's museum. 

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