Several new animal laws go into effect Thursday in San Antonio. It's a move city leaders are calling progressive.

If you ask chicken owner, Kim Rocha, it’s a great move.

She is the creator of a Facebook Page by called t‘Backyard Pet chickens in San Antonio.’

Its nearly 4,000 followers are some of the same people who put up a fight against city officials to increase the allowed number of chickens in backyards within city limits.

Starting Thursday, the number of chickens allowed at a San Antonio residence increased from three to eight.

“Bringing it to eight really does give people a good four to five eggs a week on a pretty consistent basis,” Rocha said.

According to Shannon Sims, the Assistant Director of Animal Care Services for the city, the chaining of animals is now also illegal.

Sims said the animal should also have 10 feet of moving room and up to 150 feet of unobstructed space.

Sims said roadside selling of animals is still illegal, but now, ACS will have the ability to confiscate the animals. An initiative started after many turtle selling were popping up on San Antonio Streets.

Rocha said she’d still like to see more changes. But for now, this will do.

“It was nice that everyone can come to an agreement, it’s not perfect but this is a step on the right direction,” Rocha said.