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Safety tips to prevent snake bites

Kevin Sell, a snake bite victim, said thanks to his training he knew what to do and acted fast.

WACO, Texas — You may have seen more social media posts about snake sightings in Central Texas. That's because as rain continues and as the weather warms up snakes will be spotted a little more than usual.

Jason Livingston, a zoologist with Wildlife x Team, said they've being receiving a lot more calls of snake sightings. So he said people should pay close attention to their surroundings  to avoid getting bit.

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"They have to come out of their dens, they can't stay there if they're underwater and that actually leads to them finding a high point that's nice and dry usually peoples porches, driveways, any place where they can warm up and get moving again," Livingston said. 

Kevin Sell lives in Rosebud and he was bit by a rattlesnake around this time in 2017. 

"This right here was probably the most excruciating pain I've ever felt. It felt like every time my heart beat somebody hit my foot with a hammer," Sell said. 

He is a road crop farmer and said he had encountered snakes countless times throughout his life but that time he didn't see it and ended up in the ICU a few days. 

"It was pretty bad and even the first few doses of pain medication they gave me at the hospital did not even phase it," Sell said.

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He's also a paramedic and firefighter and he said thanks to his training he knew what to do and acted fast.

"I just went with what my training said and came out I suppose pretty good and no long lasting affects but definitely don't want to experience that again," Sell said. 

So what should you do if you to keep snakes away from your home?

"Keep yard debris gone, don't allow stuff to stack up in your yard, don't give them any place to hide, keep your yards clean and neat," Livingston said.  

Safety tips to prevent a snake bite include:

Be cautions near high grass, trash or wood piles

Move things around with a shovel instead of picking items up when you cannot see underneath 

Do not pick up snakes

Back away from the area where the snake was located

Leave snakes alone

If you or someone you know gets bit, first remain calm and seek medical attention quickly.

"Try to relax, try to keep wherever the bite is below your heart level, if you've been bitten on the hand just keep your hand down," Livingston said. 

Waco Snake Removal: 254-534-6170

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For more information about snakes, click here.

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