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Safety, community well-being is a priority for Edgewood ISD Police Department

The EISD police department runs a 24/7 resource center to better serve the community.

SAN ANTONIO — At Edgewood ISD (EISD), protecting the community takes a team effort, beyond what a single police department can do alone. The district’s 30 police officers are all trained to respond and neutralize campus threats. Their live feed systems and radio communications allow them to quickly collaborate with San Antonio Police and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department. District Police Chief Quiroga said some of his officers are trained in special weapons and tactics, and SWAT techniques.

“Do I ever want to use them, no. Are they trained so we can use them, yes,” he said. “But if I have to use them it’s too late, and I don’t want to get to the too late.”

The district police department works to prevent violence and tragedies from occurring. To do that, they need an understanding of what their community needs to be physically, mentally, and socially healthy.

“Our job is to ensure the safety of our campus, our students, but also to ensure their success, we have to think about it that way,” said Chief Quiroga. “I we don’t evolve in that way then we’re never gonna complete service our students.”

Nearly three years ago, the department began creating a community resource center. Today, it’s grown into three buildings where families can access groceries, clothes, shoes, baby and infant items, and even a laundry service room.

“We do this to provide for people, to prevent them from lashing out or getting into the legal system,” Quiroga said.

Pamela Allen, a community advocate and Eagle’s Flight Advocacy founder helps run the 24/7 community center.

“For me, it was just a great fit because I understand that that cycle can be broken,” said Allen. “Growing up how we did and watching my mother’s journey, we understood that taking care of some of those basic needs lessens the trauma of not having enough, not eating, not being able to provide for your family.”

Safety and security remains a priority, though the department focuses on preventing as many threats as possible.

“The unfortunate part is you can’t put a number on prevention, but I know it’s working,” said Quiroga.

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