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#SafePlaceSelfie Day: Take a selfie in your severe weather safe place

On Wednesday, April 7, please the National Weather Service to take a “selfie” in your severe weather safe place.

TYLER, Texas — If there was one extreme weather preparedness action you want your loved ones to take, what would it be? 

For many, that one action is to know ahead of time where their safe place is located. 

On Wednesday, April 7, please join CBS19 and the National Weather Service to take a “selfie” in your severe weather safe place and post it to social media with the hashtag #SafePlaceSelfie.

Here are some helpful tips to identify your safe place as you take a big step toward greater severe weather preparedness:

Think about what hazards are relevant to your area and those locations where you spend lots of time.

  • These can be frequent hazards like lightning, flash flooding, or extreme heat, or can be rare but high-impact hazards such as a tsunami.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one selfie post. Take selfies in various locations dependent on these different hazards. For instance, your car can be an effective refuge from lightning, but is a dangerous option during a tornado warning or flash flooding. Home, office, school, gym, and athletic fields are all great locations to identify your safe place.
  • Maybe your most common hazards aren’t exactly weather events -- wildfires, rough surf/rip currents, earthquakes. These are all good hazards to know your safe place.

Get Creative.

  • Have pets or children? Get them involved in the creative process. Have a pet? What is your plan for them if extreme winds threaten your home? Make things fun by including things you have in your emergency kit.
  • Bend the rules by thinking beyond just a physical location. For example, your safe location may be anywhere you have access to lifesaving warnings (e.g., NOAA Weather Radio, FEMA or commercial app) or could be your proximity to safety (e.g., swimming near lifeguard stands or with a swim buddy)

Challenge others by tagging them in your post.

  • “Hey, @______, where is your safe place when extreme weather threatens?”
  • Encouraging others to participate makes you a force multiplier that could result in saving lives.

Follow the action throughout the day.

  • Stay engaged by replying to, liking and/or retweeting your favorite #SafePlaceSelfies.