SAN ANTONIO -- The rapid population growth in the Alamo city is providing new opportunities for a storage company and local businesses.

Units Moving and Portable Storage provides containers for people who need to store their belongings and move them to another location. Mark Gaudet, sales manager of the company, said they started providing containers in January 2017. He said in the first 5 months, they were all rented out. He attributes the company's success to the growing population. He's seen an increase of people who are remodeling their homes to resell them and need to store their possessions.

"We did what I like to call "the dance" where the containers that were returned were immediately rented again. So, I think we ran out of inventory four times," Gaudet said.

Gaudet said while the majority of their renters are homeowners, they are also helping about 8 renovation companies in the San Antonio area. Joel Phillips uses the them to store all of his building materials and tools.

Phillips is a licensed real estate agent and contractor who helps flip homes. Whenever he's working on a new home, he transports the container with his building tools to the property. He said the method is more efficient and safer. Last year, he flipped about 25 properties in the San Antonio area.

"With the current state of the market, there's a lot of building going on and people know that. So there's a lot of break-ins on job sites. It's a lot better to keep our material in there," said Phillips.

With the city's population expected to increase by more than a million by 2040, UNITS is preparing for the growth. The storage company is planning to increase its number of units by 500 in the next several years and real estate investors like Phillips will be needing their help.

"I'm trying to double what I did last year. San Antonio is a great market to do that. It's just a great market overall. For any type of construction or investment," Phillips said.