SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio woman is searching for a new daycare for her son after staff members at KinderCare Learning Center on Mossrock Road called her, saying they were cleaning up his face because another boy relieved himself on him. 

Maria said she couldn't believe what she was hearing at first. 

“I said, 'Did the kid pee on him?' She goes, 'Yes, we're cleaning his face now,'" she said. "I said, 'OK, wait, he peed on his face?!'"

The mother said she rushed over to the center, where a staff member told her the kids were waking up from a nap when the incident occurred between the two boys. She was told the teachers were picking up cots and didn’t see them.

“The only thing I can think of is maybe he's seen this action at home, which is very sad. But still, I'm not excusing his behavior at all. My child has seen a bunch of domestic violence, but yet he's never hit anybody in the face. He's never taken those actions out on another kid," Maria said. "It could have been anyone's child. I'm just so mortified about it."

She said her son was a foster child, and she is now his legal guardian. Maria said KinderCare staff were fully aware of her son’s situation, adding it disappointed her that they didn’t take better care of him. 

She said she put her trust in the daycare, a nationally-accredited center.

“They've seen him taken from his family more than once,” Maria said. “They’ve seen him broken, they've seen us rebuild him, see him open up."

The mother said that when she talked to her son, he told her that the same boy had slapped him before.

“They won't disclose a name to me; I find that kind of odd. If my child is involved in an incident, I want to know if he's safe from that child or if that child is no longer around," Maria said.

A KinderCare Learning Center spokesperson, Colleen Moran, sent KENS 5 the following statement: 

"There is nothing more important to all of us at KinderCare than the safety of the children in our centers. Our goal is to always do what’s best for the children in our care and to provide every child with a safe, loving, nurturing place to learn and grow. 

"Yesterday a child in our prekindergarten classroom urinated on another child as the children were getting up from their naptime. Our teachers contacted the families of both children yesterday to let them know about this incident and what we are doing to prevent something like this from happening again. We also informed state licensing and CPS about this issue yesterday. We’re working with the child’s family to figure out what might have caused this behavior."

The spokesperson did not say if the child who urinated on Maria's son was removed from the center or if the teachers who were watching the kids faced any consequences. 

Maria said staff has not told her what they are doing to prevent this incident from occurring again. She said she found out through KENS 5 that the center had contacted state agencies.

“It's hard, because you leave them here and you are to feel that they're safe. And then my child's being more traumatized from this,” Maria said. “This is not okay for any child whatsoever. It's trauma for him. It's hard to rebuild him from that.”