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SA girl selling shirts to fight against bullying

A 11-year-old girl who was once bullied is now speaking out and turning into an entrepreneur at the same time.

A young girl once bullied is raising money through shirt sales to fight back against bullies and to help spread kindness.

Raz Sink, 11, has spent the last two years pushing her campaign, “Bullying Stops Today," after bullies targeted her in fourth grade. She plans to use the money raised through shirt sales to fund her growing movement.

As a bullying victim, Sink says she wants to make sure other people don’t endure the pain she went through.

“They were destroying my clothing,” Sink said. “They popped out water color paints, wet them and stuck them in my chair. They would all laugh at me every time I walked by…it was awful.”

She says the bulling left her in tears and she didn’t want to go to school anymore. Desperate, her mother transferred to Southwest Preparatory School. Sink says that’s where she gained the courage to take a stance.

“I didn’t want as many kids to have to go through it,” Raz said.

During National Bullying Prevention Month, she shares her story at elementary, middle and high schools to encourage other students to speak out. She also reads books at schools that teaches students to embrace their individuality.

This year Raz plans to reach out to more schools to share her message.

“She said, ‘I want to go bigger next year’ and I said, ‘are you sure you want it to grow bigger?’ She goes, ‘Mom, I just feel like it’s something that I have to do,’” her mother Erin said.

She says the money raised from the sales will help purchase a toolkit to help stop bullying.

The shirts are being sold on Bonfire.com and time is limited.

Last week, KENS 5's Bill Taylor had Raz live in our digital center to talk about her campaign. You can watch that video below or here.

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