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S.A. community discusses comparison to Ferguson

The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson drew comparisons Monday in San Antonio.
Ferguson town hall meeting

SAN ANTONIO -- The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson drew comparisons Monday in San Antonio.

More than 60 people gathered at a church downtown for a town hall meeting on race.

Tonight was the second meeting of its kind in San Antonio. The first meeting was so successful organizers decided to hold another.

The conversation was led by a panel, which included newly elected Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert Jr. and a local man who just returned from Ferguson.

"I can tell you in Ferguson there are two moves: One is painful and the other is hopeful," said Calvert Jr. "150 bullets were fired in the city of Ferguson."

James Myart, a retired civil rights attorney of 35 years said he's represented Black and Hispanic clients wronged in San Antonio.

"Ferguson has been in the city of San Antonio for quite some time," Myart said. "That's what's happening here. The government is infringing upon the rights of individuals and more specifically, of young black men and young hispanic men...and it's gotta stop."

Myart said he supports a nationwide push, since Ferguson, to mandate body cameras worn by law enforcement. Myart said the cameras would have helped many of his clients.

"It helps cops document just exactly what happens when they make that stop," said Myart. "If you have the video? The video does not lie."

Calvert Jr. said he has talked with BCSO to see how the sheriff's office can get more body cameras on deputies.

Right now, only motorcycle deputies wear body cameras.