SAN ANTONIO -- You may have seen the billboards and read the social media posts from San Antonians firing back at NBA Commentator Charles Barkley for remarks he made about the city's women. A group of San Antonio college students has a special message for Barkley and all the women of San Antonio.

The group is called Position of Power, or POP and was founded by University of Texas San Antonio student Dieter Cantu.

I was incarcerated when I was 16 years old, said Cantu.

After serving time for aggravated robbery, Cantu said he s turned his life around. In 2010, the UTSA student formed Position of Power. The focus of the group is to help African American and Hispanic men make good moral decisions and become successes.

Empowerment, the whole movement is about empowerment, said POP member David Glassco.

UTSA star running back David Glassco is a member of POP. The group has different missions, including a campaign called Respect Women.

I think that it is important that this message gets out and women do start getting treated equally, Glassco said.

From selling t-shirts printed with the message respect women to hosting events, the group's respect women campaign is trying to put an end to abuse of women, from physical to verbal. The group said Charles Barkley's recent jokes made at the expense of San Antonio women may have been funny to some, but not to everyone.

Especially as a minority male, a lot of times when a statement is provided, or when something is said it s kind of the norm or stereotype for everyone, Cantu said.

There s no doubt he said the wrong thing, Glassco said. I do believe the best way to inspire someone to do things is to motivate them, not bring them down and laugh at them or make fun of them.

The group has a couple dozen members and examines other social issues. For more information on Position of Power, visit their website.