Between the city and county, Uvalde will spend roughly $18,000 in a month to move hundreds of migrants being dropped off by Border Patrol in Uvalde to San Antonio. 

"We don't have the services for them," Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin told KENS 5 following the vote on Monday. "Our best bet is to get them where they can get to the next journey in life." 

Getting those migrants there is costing tax payers money, something that doesn't sit well with him.

As dozens of residents voiced their concerns at Monday's meeting, McLaughlin encouraged residents to take those frustrations to those who he says can really make a difference.

"If everybody in this room started calling [lawmakers] 2-3 times a day and raising hell with them, you might get their attention," McLaughlin said. "This is our federal government's problem."

The city provided copies of a list of lawmakers at Monday's meeting, as they stressed the lack of action politically is leaving small towns to deal with the financial burden the migrant influx brings.

KENS 5 set out to see if those lawmakers feel the same way. After reaching out to all six State and U.S. lawmakers for Texas on the list, KENS 5 got a response from two.

Republican State Senator Pete Flores for the 19th District said in a statement, "I understand the border––the border today is not the border of my youth. The cartels, criminals, and drugs are infiltrating backyards and ranches of my constituents. This is a real issue and its plagued Texas for years. Illegal immigration is a federal responsibility but where the U.S. government fails, Texas must step up."  

That's something U.S. Congressman Will Hurd somewhat agrees with. In a phone interview, Congressman Hurd told KENS 5 he heard the concerns and stressed if border security was addressed, we wouldn't have the other issues.

"Border security is a federal government problem," he said. "I'm working to make sure the federal resources are there to take care of this so that these communities aren't being impacted but I share their concern and I’m in constant contact with the folks throughout my community to try and address these issues." 


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