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RAICES to receive more than $5 million from fundraiser

The biggest fundraiser in Facebook history will benefit a Texas non-profit now helping families split up by the Justice Department's zero tolerance policy.

The biggest Facebook fundraising campaign in history - started by a California couple - has so far raised more than $5 million. Every dollar from this campaign goes to RAICES and their work to provide immigrants legal aid.

"It's phenomenal!”

That's the response at the RAICEs office in San Antonio. Online donors gave to a Facebook fundraiser hoping to give the group $1,500. Now the fund stands at more than $5 million and growing.

"Regardless of political party, so many of us are distraught over children being separated from their parents at the border," fundraiser founders Charlotte and Dave Willner said in a statement.

For RAICES, this money means making a real impact in the lives of immigrants across Texas.

"We have a bond program where we help people pay for their bonds and we have another program where we're trying to help represent everyone we can, so this money will totally help with that,” attorney Christian Sanchez said.

Sanchez works for RAICES, sponsored by Texas Access to Justice Foundation.

The Justice Department's Zero Tolerance Policy has put immigration in the national spotlight, as images of families being separated and children being kept in cages in South Texas have gone viral. The policy has a real impact on the job their attorneys are doing.

"It can make the job more difficult, but the great thing is we've been able to hire more people or get more people help with the money that's been donated,” explained Sanchez.

Right now their team is focusing on making the best out of the national attention they're getting.

More people have shown up to volunteer and donate money. These attorneys want the public to know they're thankful and hope to do the most good for the people they represent.

"Using that money in ways that will make a real impact on the situation and help a lot of people and we hope that attention on this issue continues past the news cycle,” said Sanchez.

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