SAN ANTONIO — A series of free art workshops gives you the chance to make a mark on our city’s history. Your masterpieces will be used to create a tricentennial art installation.

Artist and educator Steve Prince is in San Antonio to build the special sculpture. A New Orleans native, he now lives in Detroit Michigan and is a professor at Wayne State University. Prince has created unique pieces across the country. For the San Antonio Door Project, he needs your help.

The final work will be constructed out of wood-like puzzle pieces that have been hand carved by San Antonians. Free workshops are being held this week where anyone can stop in to carve an image, leaving their fingerprint on Alamo City history.

The pieces will be sorted by areas of town: North, South, East and West. The sections will be used to create four doors which will then be interlocked to represent a compass rose.

“This door project is about going through various thresholds of understanding, thresholds of connection and community and involvement and becoming one,” said Prince.

Participants will draw an image on the wood-like block. A Dremel is used to remove negative spaces around the lines.

Safety glasses and masks are provided and no prior art experience is necessary. Prince will help you every step of the way.

“That’s the beauty of being an artist, and being able to say your truth and say what you’re experiencing and then have hopefully others will take the time to stop, to look, to listen and perhaps we could enter in to a new threshold of understanding each other and perhaps that would draw us closer,” said Prince.

Workshops are being held around town all week. The unveiling of the completed door project is Saturday at the Carver on North Hackberry Street at 7 p.m.

“Your life is important and your experience and your voice, however you put it is where the beauty of the project is located,” said Prince.